OpusCare of Florida

OpusCare of Florida has been providing compassionate end-of-life care throughout Miami-Dade county since 1991. Our Mission is to provide quality of life care services and bring choices to the patients we serve. Our comprehensive caring approach is unique, providing a specific plan of care that meets the particular family’s spiritual and emotional needs.

We provide pain management and appropriate Palliative Care when curative medical treatments no longer enhance the quality of life. During periods of crisis, we provide additional services to allow the patient to remain at home. OpusCare of Florida provides medical management to alleviate symptoms related to the primary illness. Each patient receives the medical equipment and supplies necessary to enhance overall comfort and safety. (Hospital Beds, Bedside Commode, Overbed table, Oxygen, Dressing Supplies). Medicare and Medicaid cover 100% of OpusCare’s services under an all-inclusive rate with no out-of-pocket costs to the patient or family. Any service not related to the primary illness will be covered by your regular Medicare/Medicaid.

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